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Mindful - Compassionate - Accepting

Core Process Psychotherapy


Meet Ian Alexander

I became interested in mindfulness, healing and wellbeing at an early age, and developed my passion into a career that took me travelling around the world. During this time I lived in Bhutan for over five years, learning mindfulness and meditation from Buddhist teachers and deepening my personal practice, as well as being inspired by the incredible natural beauty of the Himalayas. After returning to the UK in 2013 I started my studies in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute in Devon and completed my MA in 2018.  I am currently studying Ecopsychology with The Natural Academy, to integrate nature into my client's healing journey.

Core Process Psychotherapy offers a mindful, compassionate and accepting space for you to explore any issues and dynamics that are present in your life. Based on Buddhist concepts of mind and being, it is a gentle, relational approach that can offer profound insights and shifts in perception. Ecopsychology offers healing through a re-imagining of our relationship with nature and understanding that essentially we are nature.

Since 2016, I have been working as a volunteer counsellor at Positive East in London and since 2022 also for the Leonardo Trust in Dorset.


I have extensive experience working with trauma, abuse and loss of a connection to self and being-ness and offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for clients to share what is on their mind, explore the landscape of their feelings and navigate the confusions and uncomfortableness of everyday life. This allows them to make positive changes in relationship with self, others and their environment. I integrate mindfulness and nature into my sessions to allow clients to find their own voice and insights, which we can then explore together.  

I am a registered member with BACP and am accredited through UKCP. 

I am able to offer therapy sessions in both English and German. 

Meet Ian Alexander
Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

It can help with


When was the last time somebody listened to your worries, fears or anxieties, without judgement? Therapy provides just that. A safe space for you to be heard and make sense of your inner dialogues. 


Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and can't seem to decide where to focus our attention. Therapy can provide a space for you to take a step back and evaluate what is important. 


Trauma is complex and can affect many areas of our lives. Therapy offers a journey to understanding how trauma is present in your life and provides tools, insights and support towards healing. 


Therapy is an adventure, a journey to ultimately meeting yourself as you would like to be. Your therapist is a companion, occasionally a mentor, sometimes a mirror and mostly the person who is there to safely guide, encourage and support you to take the risks needed to find your way. 


Being in relationship with a therapist who accepts you as you are, can be the first step to accepting yourself. 

Our mental health exists on a wide, constantly changing and shifting spectrum. Therapy offers a safe and grounded space from which to explore what is present for you in the moment - mindfully and with compassion. 

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